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We are a non-partisan and non-profit organization that helps victims of the war in Ukraine

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5.2 million

People in warzone

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Getting World To Help

We work with 20 countries

Real War In Ukraine

Roughly, 5 million residence of Ukraine are in need of help. 3.2 million get help from UN according to their plan. To complete UN’s plan about 316 million dollars is needed, however, UN only has 24 percent of the sum.

In weekly bulletin, UN stated that Ukraine has 1,325,200 refugees from which 167,000 are children, 50,000 are disabled, 90,000 are retirees, and 308,700 are work-able adults. In past week, number of internal “immigrants” and war refugees has increased 10 times.

Your Donations And Our Impact

Your donation is allocated by need. First we try to help children, mothers, and eldery. We provide money to appropriate local organizations to help refugees find shelter, food, clothes, and essential items. Many need money for medecine, surgery, and post war recovery therapy. We provide assistant to warzone residents and relocated refugees. We provide assistance to help families to relocate their relatives in warzone.

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