About Us

We do not want to go back into history and talk about how and when Ukraine was born; we are concerned about today and how the state will develop in the future. Therefore, our task is to do everything we can to return Ukraine to peace, prosperity, and a bright future.

That's why we created our Foundation "Peace to Ukraine", actively working around the whole world. And the priorities we have set ourselves are to help people, regardless of their political views and preferences, as the supreme value is human life and health of children.

We hope that with your help, our Foundation will be able to do a lot for the return of peace. We can lobby for the interests of Ukrainian citizens in the official organizations of the United States at the highest level.

In our work we use a professional approach to solving problems, using the best experience that we have gained in Ukraine and abroad.

On July 9th, 2015 in Kiev, at a rally of community and voluntary organizations, honorary president of the American International Foundation "Peace to Ukraine" INC, "World of Ukraine" was chosen by Ukraine Yuriy Yekhanurov.