Your Donations And Our Impact

We are looking forward to working with you!

We are ready to help to people and social entities (hospitals, schools, kindergartens). We are open for cooperation with legal entities and individuals and will be glad to receive your help: humanitarian, financial, or advertizing. We work to bring the maximum benefit to society.

The principles and standards of our activity extend in all directions, including cooperation with partners which show honesty and decency. The fund management makes decision regarding project options. A final decision to include any given project into a set of Fund programs is made by the fund management.

In turn we provide equal opportunities for each participant. If you want to receive information about Fund activities, you can subscribe to our newsletter.

We ask all interested persons (physical and corporate) to send us objective information on all illegal actions of the authorities of any level: corruption schemes, cases of plunders, abuse of personal political power. We have a right to use this information to legally support and protect citizens. We also consider cases of activity of the persons who prevent peace-making in Ukraine: erroneous information about military operations and casualty numbers, corruption and theft, violation of human rights, and judicial arbitrariness. We don't discriminate against different parts of Ukraine , and are ready to listen to anyone - from Lviv to Lugansk.


Our purpose NOT to DIVIDE, but to help!