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We work with various size organizations

It is very easy to become our partner. It is necessary to believe that we create future ourselves, and what will happen depends only on us ; to wish to help people of Ukraine to find the long-awaited peace and do everything in your power to rebuild cities and destinies. The following will be helpful when you apply:

  • Positive reputation and public recognition.
  • National or international recognition.
  • Experience with similar projects.
  • Confirmed competence.

You can leave your information on our contact page.


Ukrainian Sponsors
Союз предпринимателей малых,
средних и приватизированных предприятий.
Генеральный директор: Биковець Вячеслав Михайлович
01601, г. Киев ул. Воровского, 22, офис 37
тел.+38 (044) 486 38 82
USA Sponsors
Florida Advocates
Russel Lazero, Attorney At Law

45 E.Sheridan Street
Dania Beach FL 33004