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Ukraine Relief Fundraiser

with Global Community Foundation & Alex Ayzin, Creator of the Winds of Freedom Documentary April 30, 2022

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Dear Mr Ayzin,
The Holy Father has received your letter and enclosure of 1 January
2018, and he has asked me to thank you. He appreciates the sentiments which
prompted you to share your documentary with him.
His Holiness sends prayerful good wishes for your work. Upon you and
your associates, he invokes God’s blessings of joy and peace.
Yours sincerely,
Monsignor Paolo Borgia

Ukraine - Together we help more

As the terrible events continue to unfold in Ukraine, with no end in sight, we all must step forward to help alleviate the suffering. Escaping the images and updates is difficult, leaving action as the only way to make a positive contribution and ease the hunger, pain and exposure of millions of innocent victims of Russian war crimes. Alex Ayzin, a native of Ukraine who is a political refugee from the Soviet Union, is teaming up with the Global Community Foundation, based in Orange County, California, to raise money for the beleaguered Ukrainians at home and in the diaspora.

Dr. Chanh Huu ‘Tony’ Nguyen, Founder & Chairman of GCF, and Alex Ayzin know first-hand the brutality of totalitarian regimes and feel a tremendous empathy towards the victims of the war. Raising money for food, medical supplies, clothing and shelter, for the refugees and those still in danger, is the vital mission of the Global Community Foundation, Alex Ayzin’s Winds of Freedom team and associated agencies.

As the situation grows worse, the needs on every level will multiply. Predicting when things will improve is impossible, but the stronger the people of Ukraine get, from outside support, the better for all concerned. The GCF boasts a worldwide network and aims to raise the funds and personally distribute the aid where it is most required. Make no mistake about it, this is a global tragedy that may have long-term and unforeseen consequences. The hard road starts with the first step, and GCF and WOF are taking that leap of faith with a fund raiser on April 30, 2022…

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